Coach, mentor, supervisor and facilitator working ethically and sustainably

Eve Turner is a highly accomplished coach, mentor, supervisor and facilitator working with clients in the public, private, education and not-for-profit sectors. Eve is a leading contributor to industry research and writing and is active within the various global coaching bodies.  She prioritizes pro bono work and has volunteered for coaching and supervision charity projects like Coaching Through Covid which has supported health and care workers pro bono, CoachActivism which supports refugee workers and EthicalCoach which brought world class coaching to nonprofit organizations in Africa.  Eve is past chair of the professional coaching body APECS (Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision) and is co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance and founder and co-lead of the Global Supervisors’ Network.  She also volunteers for the AC (Association for Coaching), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), and APECS.

Together with twenty years senior leadership experience in the public sector, Eve holds both an MBA and an MSc in Coaching & Development supported by Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas in Supervision for Coaching, Mentoring and Consultancy.  She is 2023 recipient of the EMCC Global President’s Award for her work in the field of supervision and society, the 2020 winner of the Coaching at Work award for Contributions to Climate Coaching (with the Climate Coaching Alliance and its co-founders Dr Josie McLean and Dr Alison Whybrow), 2019 joint winner of the Coaching at Work Best Article/Series Award for work on supervision and ethics with Professor Jonathan Passmore (also winning the same award in 2015 for work on peer supervision), the 2018 winner of the two leading awards for supervision: the EMCC Supervision Award (with Tatiana Bachkirova and Angela Wright) and the Coaching at Work Award for Contributions to Coaching Supervision.   She was also honoured to be recognized with the 2015 EMCC Coaching Award and has won research awards from the British Psychological Society Special Group in Coaching Psychology (BPS SGCP, 2007) and the Association for Coaching (AC, 2008).

Eve is accredited as an Executive Master Coach by the Association for Coaching (AC), as a Supervisor by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and as both a Master Executive Coach and a Master Executive Coach Supervisor by the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS).  She is involved in research at the University of Southampton and Professional Development Foundation faculty advisor on coaching and climate and on supervision.

As Head of BBC South, Eve successfully managed multi-million-pound budgets alongside responsibility for radio, television and online services.  She led talent acquisition and retention, governance and diversity and re-structuring initiatives.

“Eve was the most amazing supportive and inspiring person to work for!”

Lizz Loxam, BBC Executive Editor

With a lifelong interest in talent development, Eve founded Eve Turner Associates in 2007 to work with individuals and teams across a wide range of sectors.  Eve coaches, mentors, supervises and facilitates individuals and groups starting on their managerial career through to experienced Board Executives.

Sensitive to individual needs and organizational culture, Eve is both supportive and challenging and will adapt her approach to facilitate client and organization growth. In particular, Eve has considerable experience of working with senior leaders and with individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures and works systemically considering all stakeholders to our work including organizational, economic, sector and ecological.  Eve is qualified to use a range of tools as appropriate, such as the MBTI, Hogan suite, Firo B and 16PF.

Talks: Dates for your Diary 2024 and podcasts

Eve has taken part in podcasts and some of these can be found on the following links:

Supervision and systems

The Climate Coaching Alliance story

Why is supervision essential for coaches?

Ethics in Coaching with Eve Turner and Jonathan Passmore.

Facing the Unexpected as coach from incapacity to bereavement – how prepared are you?

Eve’s presentations for 2024 include:

  • January 24th 2024 EMCC book club Conversations with Authors, as author of the featured book “Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching – A Companion Guide for the Journey.”
  • Eve was part of the JGSG panel (Joint Global Statement Group comprising 11 coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology and supervision professional bodies) for an event in the CCA (Climate Coaching Alliance) Community Festival.  The topic was “What impact is the coaching community having on the climate and ecological crisis?” It was 1430 UK time on Friday 8th March and free to book.
  • March 19th 2024 Hudson Institute Conversations with Authors, as author of the featured book “Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching – A Companion Guide for the Journey.”
  • May 2nd 2024 Eve (APECS) was one of three hosts, with Rita Symons (EMCC) and Uma Arora (APAC) of a JGSG round table entitled: “Telling stories; empowering change – imagining sustainability for future generations.”  It was at midday UK time for 75 minutes.
  • June 25th 2024 Eve joined fellow author Professor David Lane, to discuss our chapter on dealing with unexpected incapacity in The Ethical Coaches Handbook with Wendy-Ann Smith.  Entitled “Facing the unexpected as coach from incapacity to bereavement – how prepared are you?”  the recording from LinkedIn Live can be watched here.
  • July 2nd 2024 Eve joined a panel from the JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group comprising 13 coaching, mentoring, coaching psychology and supervision professional bodies) for a follow-up event with the CCA.  Entitled “Imagining coaching a decade from now – and the contributions it has made to the climate and ecological crisis through systemic collaboration” you can find the details here.
  • 5th December 2024 with Professor David Lane we are presenting a session at the annual Coaching Ethics Forum on Are you ready? Planning for Incapacity and Death.” The 2024 forum is from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th December and is not to be missed with a wealth of subjects and contributors on the crucial topic of ethics.

Details of Eve’s presentations for 2023 include:

  • January 18th 2023 Eve was part of a roundtable panel representing APECS on the JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group of professional coaching bodies) on the topic of “As coaches how are we shifting the status?”  APECS, COMENSA and the EMCC co-hosted with guests Charmaine Roche and Denis opio.  More details and recordings available here.
  • March 23rd at 1900-2030 UK time and March 24th at 0800-0930 UK time Eve co-hosted a session with Professor David Lane for the Global Supervisors’ Network (see this website for more details).  The title is “The Supervisor’s Role in Developing an Ethical Exit Strategy.”
  • March 27th co-hosted a session as part of the CCA Global Festival 2023 with Dr Josie McLean. We explored our CCA book “Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching – A Companion Guide for the Journey.”
  • April 27th Eve did a joint presentation and demonstration to the ICF Supervision community of practice, with Dr Damian Goldvarg, on the 7-eyed model (Hawkins and Shohet).  1800 GMT for 90 minutes.  More details here.  It was free for ICF members, and non-members were able to pay a small fee.
  • April 29th Eve facilitated a conversation around the topic of Climate Change awareness for supervisors called Intentioning Mother Earth as part of a World Café exercise for the Americas Supervision Network 1530-1630 UK time.
  • May 16th Eve co-presented a workshop on “Climate coaching: working together to change our legacy,” 1800-1930 BST.  The event is the first collaboration between the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) and other presenters include Professor Peter Hawkins and Phillip Ward.   Everyone was welcome and attendance is free.  The recording is on the CCA website under the date.
  • May 30th Eve co-led a workshop for the BPS (British Psychological society) with Hetty Einzig and Rita Symons “Eco-Active or Eco-Anxious: where are coaching psychologists?
  • November 19th I am delighted to be celebrating the 4th birthday of the CCA.  This is part of the launch event for the Seasonal Heartbeat series celebrating connection, with Dr Josie McLean on Liberating Living Systems. It is at 1930 GMT.
  • November 30th CoachHub conference entitled: “Eco-Coaching: Responding to today’s client challenges.” Find out more.
  • December 9th Co-presenting at the 2nd CEF forum which is highlighting ‘Ethics the heart of coaching: Expanding the boundaries of thinking and practice’ taking place on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December.  Do attend for some lively discussions.  Eve’s presentation, at 1130 on the Saturday, is with Rachel Hawley and Ioanna Iordanou on “Managing ethics online: a relational perspective.”
  • December 11th part of a COP panel on “Coaching’s contribution to sustainable development” run by the Heriot-Watt University Coaching Lab, alongside Ivan Jong, Sylvia King, Louise Lambert and Stu Pickles.
  • December 11th an invited contributor to the launch of the latest CCA (Climate Coaching Alliance) pod, CCA Greece at 1600 GMT.
  • January 10th 2024 as part of the EMCC book club “In conversation with Eve Turner” looking at the CCA book “Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching – A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice.”


Details of Eve’s 2022 presentations are below.

  • As Chair of APECS (the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision) Eve took part in a panel on ethics alongside the heads of other professional bodies on Friday 25 February 2022, the second day of a two-day ethics conference.
  • Eve spoke to the Professional Coaches’ Community alongside Rita Symons, on Wednesday 9th March.  The topic was “Coaching with the Earth at Heart.”
  • Eve and Professor David Lane presented at the Oxford Brookes International Conference in Coaching Supervision on May 5th, on the subject of Supervision in a changing societal landscape.  Who and what does supervision serve?
  • Eve was part of a panel for a free webinar hosted by the Academy of Executive Coaching on Friday 20th May, 1300 BST, as part of International Coaching Week, title: Coaching qualifications aren’t enough: How best to maintain professional standards and invest most effectively in your ongoing development?’
  • On Saturday 17th September, Eve was part of a panel discussing sustainability, via Zoom, at a coaching and supervision conference in Barcelona hosted by EASC, from 16-18.
  • On Friday 11th November Eve was part of a roundtable panel representing APECS on the JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group of professional coaching bodies) – scroll to November 11th here.  Alongside Peter Hawkins and Will James (from APECS), and Gonzalo de la Canal, Brian French, Anjali Nair and Charles Martial Ngounou (from IAC) we discussed the role of coaches in climate action.  All JGSG events are free of charge.
  • Eve, alongside CCA co-founder Josie McLean and with Professor Peter Hawkins,  Ali’s husband Gordon, and daughters Georgie and Millie, will be remembering the late Alison Whybrow at the Coaching at Work conference on November 17th.   Eve will also be chairing a panel discussio on leadership.
  • The CCA book official launch was on Tuesday 29th November and held in two time zones, 0800 and 2000 GMT.  The launch events of 90 minutes were free to attend and included readings from the book and an overview.  You can access recordings here.

Details of Eve’s 2021 conference and other presentations are here:

  • Eve hosted a panel discussion on 4th March for Climate Coaching Action Day, as part of the Climate Coaching Alliance’s 3rd 24-hour event, “What’s mine to do?“.  The title is “Letting the ecology do the coaching and supervision.” Panel members were Catherine Gorham, Jackee Holder, Professor Peter Hawkins and Lily Seto and the free recording is available here.
  • Eve presented with Dr Damian Goldvarg at the Oxford Brookes University 9th international supervision conference on May 7th.  The title of their talk was:Virtual coaching and supervision – where have we been and where are we going?
  • Eve co-presented with Dr Alison Whybrow on 12th May on: “Who and what do we serve as practitioners? Sharing provocations designed to create the future we want.” It is part of the 27th EMCC annual coaching and mentoring conference that runs from 12-14 May.
  • Eve co-hosted a webinar with Dr Damian Goldvarg on 13th May on: “Twenty strategies for effective virtual coaching and supervision.”  This is on the afternoon of day 2 of the EMCC conference.
  • Eve co-presented the final keynote at the conference with Rita Symons and Dr Riza Kadilar on 14th May 2021 entitled: “Breaking apart or breaking through – the role of coaching in realising a new way of living“.
  • Eve co-hosted a 90-minute webinar with Dr Josie McLean and Dr Alison Whybrow on 1st June (2200 BST) for the Institute of Coaching. They are an affiliate of Harvard Medical School and the topic was “What’s (y)ours to do within the context of climate and ecological crisis?”
  • Eve, Josie and Alison are delighted to have presented a webinar for ICF Germany’s unique “Social Impact Day” on Thursday 10 June.
  • Eve played an active part, as both host and panellist, in the APECS “How To…” series of 11 key topics in coaching, mentoring and supervision that begins on 16th June and runs to 1st December.  The session on incapacitation on 7th July was unique and a long-neglected subject.  The session on 4th August looked at GDPR, note-taking and insurance, and Eve was also a panellist in the webinar on contrracting, on 1st September.  The webinars can be booked for the morning or afternoon session via the APECS events page and by paying for the series recordings and material for all the sessions will be made available.
  • Eve Turner, along with co-author of Systemic Coaching, Professor Peter Hawkins, did the “Author Call” for the Institute of Coaching on Monday 18th October at 1800 UK time, 1000 PT.
  • Eve supported a 90-minute webinar with Judy Ryde for the Global Supervisors’ Network on Thursday and Friday 21/22 October.  This was free to GSN members and considered the topic “So I think I Know Me.”

Details of Eve’s 2020 conference and other presentations are also provided here:

  • Eve co-led a session with Carole Davidson on the “Halos and Horns” model at the 26th international EMCC conference on Monday 1st June, due to be in Paris but held virtually.
  • Eve co-led a session with Judy Ryde on “So I Think I Know Me” at the same conference on Wednesday 3rd June, also virtual.
  • Eve co-led a longer session with Judy Ryde on “So I Think I Know Me”  for APECS, open to all – members and non-members – on Thursday July 9th.
  • Eve co-presented with the other 2 co-founders of the Climate Coaching Alliance, Alison Whybrow and Josie McLean, on “What are coaches being called to do?” on Monday 20th July at 0900 and 1800 BST.  This was an introduction to the CCA and an exploration of what coaches can contribute individually and through their coaching in a rapidly changing world that includes the pandemic, climate change and the ecological crisis.
  • Eve co-presented with Professor Peter Hawkins at the Coaches Rising annual coaching summit – a fortnight of free workshops, discussions, panels and teaching from July 13th.  She and Peter spoke at 1730 UK time for 90 minutes on Tuesday 21st July to approximately 600 participants on “The Necessary Revolution in Coaching: Towards Eco-Systemic Coaching.”  Details of the summit are here.
  • Eve did the pre-conference talk on “Systemic Coaching” on Monday 5th October for a virtual coaching conference based in Los Angeles, USA and centred on her book with Peter Hawkins on Systemic Coaching, called Who is the world calling us to be during these turbulent times?  The contact for more details is: [email protected]
  • Eve co-hosted a 90-minute session at the ICF Australasia virtual conference on Monday 19th October at 0800 UK time alongside fellow Climate Coaching Alliance co-founders Alison Whybrow and Josie McLean.  The title is: “Who are coaches being called to be now” and is part of their 2020 Transform conference.
  • Eve and Professor Peter Hawkins hosted two “encore” sessions for Coaches Rising on Tuesday 27th October at 0800 and 1900 GMT following their highly successful presentation at the Coaches Rising conference in July.  Entitled: Climate and Eco-Conscious Coaching:  Turning Talk into Action they shared initial results of a survey created specially for this event.
  • Eve co-hosted a 90-minute webinar with Judy Ryde at the ICF Australasia virtual conference on Wednesday 4th November with an updated “So I think I Know Me” presentation.
  • Eve was part of a team (as Chair, APECS) representing coaching professional bodies APECS, AC, APAC, AoCS, COMENSA, EMCC, IAC, ICF and ISCP who co-hosted 6 webinars from 2-13 November on “Climate Crisis – How Can Coaching Help?” – a collaborative inquiry.  She was present at all 6.  Members and non-members of any professional bodies were welcome to all the events which were free of charge.  They were advertised on all the six bodies’ websites/blogs, including here.  The dates and times (GMT) were:

2nd at 1500 (lead host ICF)

5th 1445 (lead host AC)

6th at 0700 (lead host COMENSA)

9th at 1030 (lead host APAC)

11th at 1900 (lead host Eve for APECS)

13th at 1200 (lead host EMCC)

  • Eve co-hosted a 75-minute session for ICF Germany and their Coaching TAG virtual conference on Thursday 12th November at 0915 GMT alongside fellow Climate Coaching Alliance co-founders Alison Whybrow and Josie McLean.  The title was: “Who are coaches being called to be now – How the more-than-human world of our shared ecology can be a conscious part of every coaching conversation.
  • Eve co-hosted a session with Professor Peter Hawkins for APECS (the Association for Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision) on Monday 23rd November at 1530 on The Necessary Revolution in Coaching from Ego-centric to Eco-centric. The cost was £30 for non-members and £25 for APECS members.
  • Eve took part in a panel discussion for the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Virtual Conference on Tuesday 24th November at 0930 UK time.  The title was: “What role do I play in this?”  Click here to find out more.
  • Eve co-presented with fellow Climate Coaching Alliance co-founder Dr Alison Whybrow at the annual Coaching at Work conference on Thursday 26th November.  The title of their talk was Systemic Leadership: humanity’s agenda.

Areas of Expertise

Eve’s key areas of impact are:-

  • Leadership development for high potential individuals.
  • Emotional intelligence – enhancing interpersonal understanding and personal effectiveness.
  • Supporting clients in leading teams and dealing with members who may be considered challenging.
  • Coaching to increase awareness and responsibility for change.
  • Project management.
  • Managing change.
  • Work/life balance.
  • Enhanced self-awareness.
  • Improved self-belief and confidence.
  • Creative thinking to generate options and ensure high standards.
  • Career/redundancy coaching.
  • Team coaching, ©Leadership Circles and Action Learning facilitation to enable individuals, teams and groups to find solutions.
  • Coach Supervision.


Eve has published numerous studies and continues to develop groundbreaking research into executive & business coaching, ethics, supervision, and coaching and the ecological crisis, often in conjunction with professional coaching bodies.  She regular presents at international conferences.


Eve is widely published including one on Systemic Coaching with Professor Peter Hawkins, a co-authored work on Ecological and Climate-Conscious Coaching and most recently a co-edited work on Ethics.  For the full list see resources page.


Eve subscribes to professional codes of ethics including:

  • APECS, read here
  • AC and the EMCC who share a Global Code, read here
  • ICF, read here

Eve works as a volunteer for the three professional coaching bodies, the Association for Coaching, (AC), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and the Association for Professional Coaching and Supervision (APECS).  She is the immediate past Chair of APECS and is involved in accreditation work for the AC and as part of the Ethics Working Group for the EMCC.

Eve is also a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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