Supervision in the Americas: Working with Virtual Technology

In F. Campone, J. DiGirolamo, D. Goldvarg and L. Seto (Eds). Coaching Supervision – Voices from the Americas

by Francine Campone (Editor), Joel A Digirolamo (Editor), Damian Goldvarg (Editor) and Lily Seto (Editor)

This edited collection brings together an impressive and international array of coaching supervisors to highlight the unique cultural and contextual aspects of coaching supervision in the Americas, exploring current theory, research, and practice.

Offering fresh insights into a growing field, Francine Campone, Joel DiGirolamo, Damian Goldvarg, and Lily Seto expertly present the nuances of coaching supervision principles and practices in the Americas. The book is organized into three parts. Part 1 introduces the range of cultures and values that inform approaches to and beliefs about coaching supervision in the Americas, such as racial justice, working with indigenous communities, and providing culturally sensitive coaching supervision. Part 2 presents adaptations of coaching supervision models and methods to align with Americas contexts, as well as uniquely introducing an original model for coaching supervision rooted in an Americas perspective. Incorporating theory with practitioner’s experiences throughout, Part 3 presents chapters that offers avenues for increasing awareness and interest in coaching supervision in the Americas, including chapters on coach wellbeing and the developmental journey of the coach.

Coaching supervisors work across borders and boundaries, and this book will extend supervisors’ understanding of the various contexts in which they are working. It is essential reading for coaching supervisors, educators, trainers, mentors, and coaches, and it will be of interest to practitioners and graduate students in organizational development and those who oversee internal coaching programs.

Francine Campone (Editor), Joel A Digirolamo (Editor), Damian Goldvarg (Editor) and Lily Seto (Editor)
Published: 30/09/2022
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 9781032193748
Edition: 1
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