Isabela is an organizational development consultant and senior executive coach with over 20 years’ management experience spanning FMCG, Retail Banking and Engineering Design & Manufacturing

Her first-hand involvement with transformation efforts in large international companies, gives her deep insights into the challenges executives face on a daily basis. Isabela has a proven track-record of coaching international executives to achieve sustained personal transformation.

Coaching Experience (examples):


  • Multinational Energy Management company, 5000 employees.
  • Fast growing composite design & manufacturing company, 1200 employees
  • Health Care Solutions design & development multinational, 36000 employees
  • High tech Design Engineering & Manufacturing company
  • Hospitality Sector
  • Professional men women with an interest in transforming aspects of their life

Industry Experience:

Isabela’s experience includes the following:

  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Media Production
  • Retail Banking
  • Composite Materials and Engineering


Engagements include:

  • Vice President, Humatica UK
  • Director of Human Resources and member of the Senior Executive Committee for Gurit, € 293 M, 1300 employees
  • Manager Training & Development, SP Systems, UK
  • Manager Communications, Colgate Palmolive Inc.


BSc. Psychology

ACC – International Coach Federation


TEIQ, Team Emotional Intelligence Qualified


“Although her approach is very caring and sympathetic she never loses sight of the main reason why any company is in business, which is sustainable profit. I think Isabela has integrity whose judgment people trust. I believe she to be entirely sensible and sound”

PJR – BOD Chair.

“Isabela has a unique ability to get through the glossy surface of a person or a dynamic between people or groups of people in a particular positive, or often, negative situation and take real steps to make real change not just superficial change”


“I was able to stay calm and handle a very difficult situation by observing myself, analyzing the other person rather than becoming emotional. I still got a good outcome in a situation that would have been difficult otherwise. I realized I truly learnt something and changed.”


“As a result of my coaching with Isabela, I’m more aware of my emotional states, I’m able to better take distance to evaluate and make decisions. I know much better how to monitor my stress level. I have found balance & harmony between family, private life and work.”

ID – VP Product Development

“I did truly enjoy the sessions we spent together and they’ve certainly brought me closer to some of my goals or aspirations. I was particularly impressed by your ability to contextualize ideas or concept in manners that are relevant to your audience.”

EV – Finance Director.

“As a coach Isabela Quinton is strong and extremely gentle at the same time. She allowed me all the space I needed to really unpick some deep-rooted personal issues at a very delicate time for me. She provided the support I required to find solutions to sustain long lasting change. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for the opportunity to make important changes whether they are business or personal.”

WB – Management Consultant.

“I have really learnt so much from my sessions with you – hugely thought-provoking – thank you for illuminating the way and helping me to see, and understand, all the gremlins lurking in the background!”

TM –Business Development Manager

“Great coaching. You pulled me out of my comfort zone in some occasions forcing me to look and analyze my behavior from a different perspective. Looking at differences in cultures and personalities also helped me to better leverage the strength of others to reach my goals.”

TK – EMEA, Quality Manager

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