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13th April 2024

A big thank you to all the GSN volunteers

The GSN (Global Supervisors’ Network) has been running now for more than 8 years, and has 330+ members from around the world.  We recently asked for volunteers and have been so delighted that so many have stepped forward to join the existing volunteers.  It is a testament to people’s care for others and generosity in working voluntarily for a community, that enhances all our learning.  So a huge thank you to, and deep appreciation for, all those in the long-standing hosts group and content team, and all the new teams set up, with more to follow!

Bev Paulin, Jane Cox, Larissa Thurlow, Nicci Statham and Eve Turner (overseeing the community); the content team of Bev Paulin, Larissa Thurlow, Jane Cox, Eileen Duncan, Sukh Mishraa, Neil Ralph, Elizabeth Reilly and Eve Turner; our session hosts Brenda Routt, Angela Dunbar, Angela Jopling, Hellen Hettinga, Jeanine Bailey, Larissa Thurlow, Lise Lewis, Rachael Skews, Veronica Wantenaar and Eve Turner; our membership team of Gillian Walter, Jo Searle, Alson Boo, Maggie Joao and Clare Smale; and those running our working groups: Colleen Harding, Jonathan Sibley, Larissa Thurlow, Traci Manalani, Cheryl Cooper, Jen Kidby and Anne Archer.


Eve Turner - Global Supervisors Network

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