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14th March 2016

Testimonial: Leadership Development

“I’ve had the privilege of working with Eve as an individual and part of group development and she is amazing! She helps me explore and develop my leadership and the impact I have on others in a constructive, action driven way. Eve has also introduced me to concepts and tools which I am embedding in my practice and across the organisation. I am a more confident and effective person and leader which is evidenced through 360 degree feedback.

In the group setting, Eve has helped us agree and understand our purpose and the impact we have on each other within the group and when operating across the organisation. We made great progress when working with Eve and invited her back to work with us again, recognising we stopped our support too early and that the organisation is placing a different set of pressures on us as a senior team. The positive difference in the group is noticeable after a couple of sessions.

Working with Eve is great value for money – it is not easy to articulate a financial benefit as an outcome of the work, but if it were possible I am confident it would far outweigh the cost. Finally, I really value Eve’s drive to improve her practice which means she is going to get even better!”

Neil Tape, Chief Data Officer, National Institute for Health Research

Category: Leadership