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25th January 2018

Try a free one-hour taster supervision session

Coaching at Work magazine believes that supervision is the “most undervalued part of coaching”. We think supervision is vital for safe, ethical and supported practice as this ensures we operate professionally at all times.

Supervision allows a coach to reflect broadly on their client work, and to consider their clients’ organizational and other systems they operate in relevant to their lives. It’s also a place to get support in transforming their practice through an increased understanding of themselves.

Here at Eve Turner Associates we provide a professional space to discuss clients cases anonymously or to discuss their own personal development or that of their business. Individual supervision is flexible and is tailored according to the specific needs of the coach, mentor or consultancy practitioner. Options for Skype, Zoom, phone or face-to-face supervision makes the supervision sessions super convenient.

Eve Turner is offering a one-hour taster supervision session to the first two practitioners, so contact [email protected] now!

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