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22nd December 2019

Climate Coaching Alliance

An alliance of coaches around the world has been set up to consider the climate and ecological crisis, with founder members Dr Alison Whybrow (UK), Dr Josie McLean (Australia) and myself, Eve Turner. The first meetings were in mid-December 2019 with contributors from around the world.  Representatives from the major coaching professional bodies (including AC, BPS, APECS, EMCC, ICF) joined leading practitioners to discuss how we could make a difference and what our actions might be.  There was a determination that these resources would be cocreated, owned by everyone and that the CCA would not be run by a small group, but be open to all, with diverse contributions.  The needs of both individual practitioners and training programs were acknowledged as was the need for the CCA to be truly global, with active members from all continents.  More details are available from the website:

The Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) brings together coaches, coaching psychologists, and coaching supervisors, facilitators and other leadership professionals to share resources, explore practice, build community and hold dialogue. We aim to enable individual practitioners, and the profession of coaching, to develop strategies and practices that provide our clients (individuals, leaders and their teams) the right space to step into their necessary leadership role in the face of the climate emergency. Resources will be widely accessible to practitioners, to encourage discussion, engagement and confidence in raising this and to be an enabling, learning space.  While some collaborators may be experienced in the field, there will be many for whom this will be their first engagement in climate change and coaching.  For further information or to be involved please contact: [email protected]

The guiding principles are that:

•     The CCA is open to all professional coaching and coaching psychology bodies, not aligned to one over another .

•    The CCA is open access to all individuals and organizations signed up to the Alliance, providing both finalised, written materials, resources such as articles and links to websites , and the opportunity to take part in conversations and build community. The access and creative commons approach is to promote learning as fast as we can.  

•    We will strive for global reach with people from all parts of the globe, including coaches in communities who are already more impacted by the ecological and climate emergency

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