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26th June 2020

So I think I know me?


I am delighted to be supporting Judy Ryde as she facilitates a 90-minute workshop on cultural assumption for APECS on 9th July at lunchtime (UK time). It is free and open to everyone, members and non-members so please do attend if you are able.

The Indian philosopher Krishnamurthy said: “You might think you are thinking your own thoughts, but you are not, you are thinking your culture’s thoughts.” Against the backdrop of the Black Lives movement, and the discussion around the colonial past in the UK, this workshop goes back to some basic questions. We believe that to empower diversity and inclusion we need first to understand ourselves, where we have come from and the implications that result. We bring our own culture and assumptions into all we do, whatever our role: leadership, coaching, mentoring and supervision practice. To fully understand this we need to discover and acknowledge the norms, prejudices and assumptions that we fall into.

We will use breakout rooms and the virtual session will be highly interactive. Judy is an expert in this field, having recently published her second book: “White Privilege Unmasked”.

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