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18th July 2021

Updated Global Code of Ethics published

The 3rd version of the Global Code of Ethics has just been published.  While no code can ever cover every eventuality, and it is meant to sit alongside dialogue and reflection, it does provide some useful guidance in three key areas: Working with Clients (context, contracting, integrity, confidentiality, inappropriate interactions, conflict of interest, ending professional relationships and on-going responsbilities) Professional Conduct (maintaining the reputation of the profession, acting responsibly, breaches of professional conduct, legal and statutory obligations and duties), and Excellent Practice (ability to perform, on-going supervision, continuing professional development).

It is interesting to note that the code – whose signatories include the AC, APECS and EMCC –  reflects wider societal interests.  For example:

2.8 Members should be guided by their client’s interests and at the same time raise awareness and responsibility to safeguard that these interests do not harm those of sponsors, stakeholders, wider society, or the natural environment.


3.8 Members will engage in professional development activities that contribute to increased self-awareness in relation to inclusion, diversity, technology, latest developments in changing social and environmental needs.


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