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22nd March 2022

Book submitted – bittersweet moment

I am so thrilled that our book Ecological and Climate-conscious Coaching: A Companion Guide to Evolving Coaching Practice has gone to the publishers today 22nd March.  We hope it will be out in September/October this year, and it is dedicated to Dr Alison Whybrow, who died while she was involved in writing and editing it alongside Josie McLean, Peter Hawkins and me.

The book is commissioned by Routledge (Taylor & Francis Group), and will consider how coaches, with their unique place working with leaders across organizations, public, private and third sector, can work systemically and bring climate change and the environmental crisis into their work to help make the shifts that are needed.  The approach is that of a guided journey with many contributions from around the world.  So the 4 co-authors/editors are more like “conveners” of the journey, inviting contributions and making their own.  Throughout the text we invite readers to join in, considering questions that we and others pose and potentially share their answers with colleagues, and take part in exercises including practical ones like going on a “Deep Time Walk,” or doing the “Council of All Beings”.

We are following the “structure” of a week-long workshop based around the Eco-phase Cycle developed by Peter Hawkins, so it takes us on a journey through being Eco-Curious, Eco-Informed, Eco-Aware, Eco-Engaged to Eco-Active.  We have done some original research for the book which shows how coaches have struggled to connect their personal and professional practice in relation to the crisis and bring this into their work.  We are therefore also providing some practical tools such as questions that could be used. And we will consider the paradigm shifts needed for coaches and coaching when we consider the future of coaching and the wider perspective that is needed.

All author royalties are going to a climate action charity, Stop Ecocide International, with a matching donation from the publishers.  We do hope the book will support us all in our work.

Ecological and Climate Conscious Coaching_book cover


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