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25th October 2016

2017 Global Supervisors’ Network Schedule just announced

Eve Turner has just announced the latest programme of her 2017 Global Supervisors’ Network. These are monthly virtual meetings, where nearly 90 members from around the world share knowledge on a range of diverse subjects.

Virtual sessions are held 1900 on Thursdays and/or 0800 on Fridays (GMT or BST), recordings and other materials are made available. This is a free resource open to qualified and experienced supervisors of coaches, mentors and/or consultants.

If you would like more details or to take part in one of these excellent learning opportunities please contact Eve Turner or the Network Virtual Assistant Fiona Benton, (Fiona: [email protected]).

The 2017 programme will be as follows:-

5/6 January Reflective writing – Jackee Holder

How can reflective writing grow you and your coaching supervision business? What does the research say about the benefits of reflective writing and how can it make a difference to who you are as a coach supervisor?

2/3 February Developmental function of supervision – Professor Tatiana Bachkirova

In this session we will discuss the role of supervisors in influencing the developmental process of coaches in addition to the usual attendance to their professional capacities and coaching cases.

23/24 February Supervision in “Strong Coaching Culture” environments – Michel Moral

Two key questions are raised: What organisation of supervision is the most appropriate in “Strong Coaching Cultures”? and “Do we need new techniques?”

9/10 March Neuroscience and Supervision – Professor Paul Brown

Modern applied neuroscience allows us to create a model of human behaviour that is potentially explanatory rather than simply descriptive, which is the province of twentieth century psychology. The use of such a model in supervision is discussed after an introduction to how the brain works.

30/31 March Anger and Supervision – Keri Phillips

Anger is an intensely personal yet cultural phenomenon that is highly relevant in coaching supervision. As supervisors we are faced with a wide spectrum of emotions – how do we relate to anger in coaching and supervision and how do we deal with it

27/28 April Giving Voice to Values in Supervision – Benita Treanor

What do we mean by values? How conscious are we of what our own and our supervisees values are? To what extent do we work at any depth with values, the extent to which it is fairly superficial and message based rather than seeking authentic behavioural and attitudinal change at any meaningful level.

18/19 May – Discussion with Harriet Attwood, Anne Bates, Natalia Estevan, Angela Jopling and Rebecca Peirce

(All internal coaches in our network) A discussion on the challenges and differences of supervising internal coaches, including strategies and approaches to managing boundaries.

15/16 June Working with Habit– Nick Smith

Why do some habits feel so hardwired and how can we make them more ‘plastic’? We will explore the challenges of supporting changing what people feel to be their hardwired habits which they experience as past their ‘sell by date,’ whether they are coaches, clients or supervisors.

29/30 June Supervision and Team Coaching – Professor David Clutterbuck

What do we know about supervising team coaches? We will present the results of our survey (with Alison Hodge) of team coaches and their supervisors, and facilitate a discussion around the challenges and opportunities of this under-researched area.

13/14 July Resilience and Supervision – Jan Brause and Paul Bennett

When we take time to ‘be’ we may notice and observe what is needed in that moment. In our world and the world of our clients this can lead to a deeper quality of response enabling new insights and greater resilience. We will explore through enquiry and emergent learning what ‘being’ means for our work.

3 August Metaphor Magic – Lily Seto

Metaphors are a powerful way to work with supervisees, supporting them to access another part of the brain and encouraging them to think in a different way. Our supervisees will explore their unconscious meaning making of the symbols that they choose. In Metaphor Magic, you will experience a demonstration using a Metaphor Magic Box and participate in a facilitated discussion on the techniques of how to explore symbolic metaphors. (This webinar will  NOT recorded)

17 August Courage, Compassion and Connection – the Intersection of Coach Super-Vision and the work of Dr. Brené Brown – Laurie Hillis

Being “in the arena” can be challenging, a place where two strangers make sense of what emerges during their conversation and in their silence. It takes courage and vulnerability on the part of all present in a super-vision conversation. The session combines practical tools, research-based concepts and conversation.

14/15 September The role of risk-taking (or not) in Supervision – Clive Steeper

An exploration of temperament and attitude towards risk-taking and its influence on the performance of the supervision relationship and clients’ (supervisees’) future performance

12/13 October Motivational Interviewing and Supervision – Lesley Matile

Following a brief introduction to the practice of MI, we will look at how we can help clients and supervisees grab ‘change talk’ from the jaws of ‘sustain talk’ to accelerate their progress towards the change they desire.

9/10 November Embodied relational wisdom in coaching and supervision – Fiona Adamson

Embodied Relational Wisdom, how can we access it, and how does it enhance our supervision relationships?

December to be confirmed

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