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25th March 2018

Using Recordings in Supervision and Training

I’ve been reflecting on the use of recordings in supervision and training as I believe they can be very helpful in our personal and professional development.  There is something different about discussing what we remember about our coaching or mentoring second-hand, compared to listening to what really happened.  We all have our blind spots, or as one of my own supervisors Peter Hawkins says: our blind, deaf and dumb spots.  Listening to recordings can be invaluable.  The key for me is to ensure that when we give feedback, as in leadership, we do so in a way that enhances learning, keeps a sense of collaboration and minimises the receiver feeling judged, criticised and then risk them becoming defensive.   Our aim as both supervisor and supervisee is for a dialogue between two peers so that we can both develop our practice.

Category: Coaching, Leadership, Supervision