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19th November 2018

How do we re-source ourselves?

In Chapter 4 of the new book The Heart of Coaching Supervision – Working with Reflection and Self-Care edited by Stephen Palmer and I, Peter Hawkins suggests 10 ways a supervisor can help to re-source both them-self and their supervisors.

I have reflected greatly on number 10 (p75) which talks of “systemic hope.” Peter argues that it:

“comes from a belief that suffering, difficulty, problems, etc. are a product of our limited consciousness and ways of thinking. Systemic hope is hope placed in the knowledge that the greater system has a greater wisdom and that together we can attend to and listen to that greater wisdom. The greater system may be accessed through seeing the events in a wider time horizon, or by zooming out to see how the individuals are representing different systemic needs that have not yet found a way of being connected, or by realising that in nature there is a constant changing, healing and adaptive process. With systemic hope, we can listen to how healing is emerging in the system and be attendants to it, like a good midwife.”

I like the idea of stepping back and taking a broad perspective and allowing wisdom to emerge.  What do you think?

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