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22nd March 2019

Coaching, supervising and ecology

In the last few weeks I have been reading some very interesting and challenging posts about the future of our planet and the living beings on it.  One was written by coach Neil Scotton and considered fracking as a metaphor (drilling into the earth and fracturing rock using a pressurized liquid to release gas) and the officially denied link to earthquake activity in Surrey on the outskirts of London since drilling began.  It leads Neil and others to explore wider links to our role as coaches and supervisors with Neil arguing that our and other professions need to “come off the fence.”  What is our role as coaches in relation to our planet, and our fellow human and non-human living creatures?  Another post from Zoe Cohen is entitled, “Where were all the Coaches when the planet warmed by 3 degrees?” and was a hark back to a phrase coined by Professor Peter Hawkins in 2009 afte the banking crisis when he asked “What were all the coaches doing when the banks were burning?”

These issues are ones Peter Hawkins and I have been grappling with as we write our book “Systemic Coaching – delivering value beyond the individual”.  There may be many answers, and we do not profess to have “the” answers, but we certainly hope to pose questions and support the  discussion.

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