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10th April 2019

The Launch of the Manifesto for Supervision – May 2019

Supervision has a key role to play in coach development, linking theory and practice through the whole action learning cycle and is the core of quality reflective practice. On Wednesday 15th May the Association for Coaching is holding a Master Class to launch a manifesto for supervision in Canary Wharf, London with speakers including AC CEO Katherine Tulpa, and from Henley Business School Professor Peter Hawkins, Jonathan Passmore and Eve Turner, and bookings can be made here.

The Manifesto in Supervision, written by Peter, Eve and Jonathan, is a call to arms. It provides an overview of why supervision is needed and examines its functions. The Manifesto then summarises the main models, research, and latest thinking on supervision, including from some of the professional bodies and considers ethics in supervision. Finally, it calls for collaboration between industry stakeholders to take forward supervision to its next stage of development.

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