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25th September 2020

One conversation: the future of our home; and one date: 1st October 2020

Just a few days now before the 24-hour conversation on coaching and climate change begins. Wherever you are please join us, and it is free to do so. You are welcome to register right up to the last one hour, which will be from Hawaii and in the 2300 UTC time zone on Thursday 1st October. There are so many people to thank, not least the hosts and the amazing organising team. Here are just a few of the hosts with their thoughts on why they are involved. And the conversation: 24 time zones, 24 sessions, 48 hosts and one covnersation: from permission to action, global and local. What is it we can do? And what are we waiting for? With thanks from the Climate Coaching Alliance for the support from the coaching, mentoring and supervision professional bodies AC, APAC, APECS, EMCC, ICF and COMENSA.

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