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21st October 2020

Coaching professional bodies facilitate 6 events jointly on climate change

Nine professional bodies are co-hosting a unique series of six webinars called “Climate crisis – how can coaching help?” between 2 and 13 November. These webinars will consider the climate and ecological crisis and the role of coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision. You are welcome to register for whichever of the 6 fit your diary as they will be broadly the same in content.  The 9 bodies are AC, APAC, APECS, AoCS, COMENSA, EMCC, IAC, ICF and ISCP. Join us to share your views and questions around the role of coaching in this crisis, and help shape policy and action, while having the chance to dialogue with other professionals globally.

This is part of a unique collaboration between 9 leading professional bodies in coaching, coaching psychology, mentoring and supervision who are co-signatories to the Joint Global Statement on Climate Change. The statement commits us to speak with a collective voice and take collaborative action on the climate and ecological crisis. Given our role in developing individuals and organisations in the service of creating social value, we have pledged to work together to play our part in addressing this emergency. You can register at all the events by going onto the APECS website where all 6 are listed.  I will be present at all and will be lead hosting the webinar at 7pm GMT time on 11th.


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