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23rd June 2021

Are arrangements in place for our own death or incapacitation?

Talking of death, a debilitating illness or sudden accident is not an easy topic to consider.  In my experience this was not raised during my training, and yet there are examples where family members have been left dealing with their partner or parent’s clients, social media, bank accounts, subscriptions and so on.

So implementing appropriate procedures in the event of death or serious illness as a coaching professional is an important, if neglected topic. In two webinars, held at 0800 and 1600 UK time on Wednesday 7th July,  coaching and supervison professional body APECS will be addressing this as part of The “How to…” series of panel discussions on a range of essential topics in the coaching profession.  T he cost is £5 members and £10 non-members or book the series of 11 sessions (recordings are available and amounting to nearly 14 hours’ CPPD) for a special price of £50 members and £80 non-members

The panel includes Professor David Lane, Jan Stannard Founder of the Professional Executor Service, Jo Muntain of Howdens Insurers, and myself.  This will be a discussion and exploration.  Please do join us.

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