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2nd March 2024

This week: A free, Community Festival – with 12 sessions and outstanding speakers

This Wednesday morning 6th March UTC sees the 5th Climate Coaching Action Day kicked off by Coaching at Work magazine “Creating Ripples in the system.”  The baton is then passed to the Climate Coaching Alliance.  Have you booked your free tickets for these 12 amazing sessions that start on Wednesday 6th March and go on to Saturday 9th March?   The Festival page is here, and the links for each of the 12 sessions are below so you can register.


  1. Dumi Magadlela – Ubuntu Intelligence in Action
  2. Veronica Lysaght- Coaching at Sea: Climate change adaptation in reality
  3. Meg Wheatley – Creating Islands of Sanity
  4. James Bristow – Why climate coaching is vital, but undervalued: the missing inner dimension in sustainability
  5. Erinch Sahan – When Business meets the Doughnut
  6. Marie R. Miyashiro and Elena Bernasconi-Tabellini – Empathy on your Ecological Journey
  7. Bayo Akomolafe – What does Climate Chaos ask of us?
  8. Carina Lyall – Storytelling for the Earth
  9. Jonathan Porritt – The Climate Emergency: Building Communities of Concern
  10. JGSG panel of coaching professional bodies – What impact is the coaching community having on the climate and ecological crisis?
  11. Francois Gicqueau and Jenny Mackewn – Systemic Maps and Constellations for People and Planet
  12. Mat Collishaw – Petrichor, a visual extravaganza with a mind and a heart


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