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16th February 2024

CCA 5th Community Festival: March 6-9 with extraordinary stories

The Climate Coaching Alliance is hosting its 5th March Festival event March 6-9, and the line-up is extraordinary.  There are opportunities for storytelling, hearing from one of the world’s extraordinary writers and speakers Meg Wheatley on creating islands of sanity, hearing from Jonathan Porritt on building communities of concern, there’s coaching from a boat travelling around coastal communities and a panel of JGSG (Joint Global Statement Group*) members including myself.  Please do book each event – as always it is free to attend.


*The JGSG is a unique collaboration between 11 coaching, mentoring, supervision and coaching psychology professional bodies, who together have memberships of around 300,000 professionals worldwide.  This panel comprises Hetty Einzig (AC)), Rita Symons (EMCC), Anjali Nair (IAC), Magda Mook (ICF) and myself, Eve Turner (APECS).

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