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9th May 2023

Climate coaching: working together to change our legacy

“Climate coaching: working together to change our legacy.”  You are invited to join the first partnership event, a unique collaboration between the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) and the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) on Tuesday 16th May 1800-1930 BST.  It is free and the CCA will be represented by Professor Peter Hawkins and me, and […]

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13th November 2020

From Ego to Eco-coaching – a special workshop

In this workshop for APECS on Monday 23rd November, Professor Peter Hawkins and Eve Turner will examine what we thought we knew about coaching, and how that is shifting. From the Covid-19 pandemic to climate change, what does systemic coaching really mean, and how do we work systemically and keep the needs of the whole […]

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22nd March 2019

Coaching, supervising and ecology

In the last few weeks I have been reading some very interesting and challenging posts about the future of our planet and the living beings on it.  One was written by coach Neil Scotton and considered fracking as a metaphor (drilling into the earth and fracturing rock using a pressurized liquid to release gas) and […]

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23rd March 2016

Three-way contracting and your best practice ideas – initial research report

This research is focused on how to gain maximum value from business/ executive coaching, in particular through the involvement of the coach, the organisation [through a sponsor(s)] and the individual client in meeting to set up effective outcomes, called “multi-stakeholder contracting”. These 3 or 4 way meetings with those involved in the coaching may happen at the outset, during the course of, and at the conclusion of, the coaching programme. We are delighted to say that 800 people got involved in this research and…

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